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Advertising Pricing 

WCLife is the premier website for all things Williamson County. There are many ways to advertise your business on WCLife.

Business Listings

Listings in the business directory include company name, address, phone number, and contact name. All listings include the generic longhorn logo listed next to your company information. 

Enhanced Business Listings

Business listings will be visible on either the Business Partners or the WC Real Estate Office sections of WCLIFE. You must have a business listing prior to purchasing an enhancement. 

Hyperlink to Website

Add a quick way for visitors to access your website by adding the blue "Visit Website" Button. This not only allows the guests a one-click access to your website, it also helps make your listing stand out on the directory. This level only includes the hyperlink, no logo advertisement.

Logo Advertisement

Replace the generic WCLife Longhorn logo next to your business listing with a 350x300px image of your choice. The WCLife website, even supports animated .gif files if you wanted your ad to rotate! This advertising level includes both the logo and the hyperlink, as well as preferred placement in the business directory. 

Related Links

Have you company listed as a related link on one page of your choosing. With the related link, you have a 175px square space for your company logo, a 20-35 word summary of your company and then a link to a website of your choosing.

Featured Agent Listing

Are you a REALTOR who does business in Williamson County? Take the opportunity to promote your services to those looking to relocate to Williamson County. Featured Agents are displayed before the list real estate offices by city. Included with this advertising level is a head shot, 30-45 word mini-bio on you/your business, and a link to a website of your choosing! You choose what city/cities you want to be featured in!

Traditional Website Ads

All of the traditional website advertising on WCLife is "run-of-site" which means that currently, you can not pick specific pages to advertise on. That being said, you have the option of choosing an ad level based upon where they appear on the website. 

Block Ad

The block ad is one of the most visible advertising opportunities on the WCLife Site. This ad is 250px tall by 300px wide, and is one of two ad sizes visible on the WCLife Home page. The block ad appears on the left menu bar of the website, as well as in the Relocation section of the website. The image can be a stagnant .JPG, .PNG or an animated .GIF.

Skyscraper Ad

Standout with the skyscraper ad on the WCREALTORS Site. This ad cascades down the sidebar on every page (except the home page) and stands out among the crowd. Ad dimension are 160px wide by a dramatic 600px tall. The image can be a stagnant .JPG, .PNG or an animated .GIF. 

Leaderboard Ad

This ad option shows up everywhere on the site, home pages, blogs, articles, relocation, etc. This opportunity allows you to be in front of your potential clients no matter where they are on the site. The ad is a shocking 728px wide by 90px tall, and is the second of two ads available on the home page. As with the other ads, this image can be a stagnant or animated.

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