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Restaurant Review: Niki’s Pizza & Pasta

Restaurant Review: Niki’s Pizza & Pasta

Aug 03, 2016

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Looking for a great, inexpensive place to grab a slice of pizza? I was doing just that the other day when I happened upon Niki’s Pizza & Pasta in Round Rock. Walking into the restaurant, I noticed a large picture-based combo menu under the full menu. Since I was craving pizza, and the sign out front touted “New York Style Pizza By The Slice”, I checked out the slices. One slice for $3.00. “That sounds good. I am getting it to-go anyway. But wait, I see there is a combo for one slice and a soda for $4.50. Even better!” I thought to myself.

I finally decided on 2 slices and a soda for $5.50. What a deal! I ordered 2 slices of pepperoni and was given a cup for my soda. The cool thing was the self-serve drink station had my personal favorite drink, Diet Dr. Pepper. It also had some throwbacks like RC Cola and Mug Root Beer. As I was waiting on my pizza, I saw they had several flat screen TVs on as well as a car racing arcade game. I would have begged my parents to play that when I was a kid! I visited for a moment with a woman from Oregon who had never tried Big Red soda. She sipped a bit and really seemed to like it. She said it tasted “red.” I totally agreed with her.

By then my pizza was ready. Both large slices were in a nice to-go pizza container and wouldn’t fit unless they were on top of each other. After relaxing at home on my couch, I folded my pizza together, as is possible with New York Style, and gobbled it up. Man, that was so satisfying! Nice buttery flavor in the crust with just the right amount of bite; not too chewy, not too crunchy. The cheese was nice and melty, and the pepperonis were not too greasy. I probably could have gotten by with one slice, but the value was so great. I will definitely be going back to either location in Round Rock or Cedar Park for a sit-down to try some of their other fare because they have priced it right for this girl on a budget.

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